Property Valuation

Amazon Valuers Limited has an extensive experience in valuation work and has carried out assignments for reputable clients and organization within the region. We pride in the fact that we are able to implement instructions expeditiously using our highly qualified members of staff We are always ready in terms of capacity, both in resources and personnel to handle any kind of valuation exercise on short notice, and within a short period.

We are dedicated to providing an impartial, credible and well researched opinion on the value of assets as guided by the International Valuation Standards Committee and the guidelines produced by the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya. We provide timely and high quality valuation services that meet client requirements and reliable reports that guide our clients in making informed real estate investment decisions. Our property professionals are always available to discuss each report and, where necessary, can assist in creating an understanding of the data provided in our reports.

We handle valuation of all types of fixed and moveable properties including, Land, Buildings, Plant, Machinery, Furniture, Office equipment, Specialized properties (Petrol stations, educational facilities and hotels) Rental assessment, Agricultural crops etc. In addition, we at times seek the services of experienced and qualified Consulting Engineers and surveyors so as to ensure accurate, objective and well informed assessment of assets.

We do Current Market Valuation for the following purposes:

  • Mortgage Purpose: Done to assess value of property to be used as collateral for loans.
  • Sale/ Purchase: Done to advice the client on the best or fair sale/ purchase price of a given property.
  • Insurance Purposes: Done to advice on the Insurance value of a given property.
  • Rental Assessment: Done to find out the fair market rent that can be fetched from a given property.
  • Book Purposes: Done to get the value of assets for record purposes.